SUN Donor Conveners

In each SUN Country, a donor convener regularly brings together the different donor agencies within the country and facilitates their collaboration in achieving common nutrition objectives.

The workload of the donor convener (generally 10-20% of the time of one person) is often shared between two or more people. In some countries, UN agencies, rather than donor agencies, hold the role of (co-)donor convener as they often have common objectives.

A donor convener list / information on donor convenor contacts is available from the main SDN facilitation upon request (

The donor convener facilitates information sharing on national nutrition processes and events among the donors, information and minutes sharing with the SUN Government Focal Point, and is the main point of contact with the global SUN Donor Network. The donor convener, though, is not expected to be the primary interlocutor between national actors and the SUN Secretariat, as this is carried out by the appropriate country authority, usually the SUN Government Focal Point.

The SUN Donor Network’s Donor Network Guidance Pack,  informing the Donor Convener’s work, can be accessed here.

Donor Convener’s can also access the routinely updated overview about countries’ Technical Assistance (TA) requests in the internal area of the SUN Donor Network’s internal Knowledge Management webpage here (please sign up to get access)

Please contact to update your donor convenor status if new to this role.