Global Food and Nutrition Crisis

SUN global support system

SUN Global Support System

Under the SUN Strategy 3.0 2021-2025, the staff of the SUN Movement's Networks and Secretariat have come together as the Global Support System (GSS) to bring coordinated and strengthened support to SUN Countries and to facilitate country-led and country-driven SUN Country action as a priority based on countries’ self-identified needs -- with the shared goal of "Speeding up progress towards WHA global targets on all forms of malnutrition."

The purpose of the GSS: “Through facilitation, coordination, aligning resources and fostering greater collaboration for improved nutrition, the GSS aims to foster a more coherent nutrition agenda both at the country level and globally…To operate efficiently, the GSS will work together as one to align at all levels.”

A SUN 3.0 GSS logframe has been developed to drive this coordination across the movement and identified two outcomes and four key objectives that the GSS will work to achievement, which are aligned with the SUN 3.0 Strategy: 


  • Ensure greater priority is given to nutrition in national development

  • Ensure country priorities are scaled up


  • Strengthen and sustain strong policy and advocacy environments at the subnational, national, regional and global levels to position nutrition outcomes as a key maker and marker of sustainable development.

  • Develop and align shared country priorities for action

  • Build and strengthen country capacity to develop, prioritize, finance, implement and track country actions through strengthened technical assistance and knowledge management

  • Ensure governance of SUN that promotes country leadership and responsibilities of government, aligns the resources of all Movement stakeholders behind country priorities, strengthens mutual accountability between Movement stakeholders and to those most at risk of malnutrition, with robust mechanisms to encourage and ensure such promotion, alignment and mutual accountability is realized.