SUN Movement Lead Group

The SUN Movement Lead Group was instituted in 2012 and has the overall responsibility for the SUN Movement’s progress towards achieving its objectives. It aims to preserve the SUN Movement's unique country driven character and ensures the alignment of all actors with the SUN Movement’s Principles of Engagement.

Members are appointed by the UN Secretary-General (see announcement here) and serve for a period of two and a half years (membership can be renewed) and include leaders in government, business, civil society and the United Nations’ system who are active advocates for better nutrition outcomes globally.

The Lead Group is chaired by Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF.


Lead Group News

Meeting records

Meeting Date Meeting document
The SUN Lead Group Meeting Summary 2022 21 September 2022
SUN 2022 Lead Group Meeting Agenda 21 September 2022
SUN Lead Group Member Commitments 2022 21 September 2022
SUN Movement Lead Group Meeting 15 November 2021
SUN Movement Lead Group decision on the renewal of the SUN Movement Executive Committee 29 September 2021

Historic Lead Group Membership