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SUN Coordinator

SUN Movement Coordinator

Let’s build bridges between SUN countries,
but also with other countries, to end malnutrition together.


The SUN Movement Coordinator is a position appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General, to whom the position reports. The position is also accountable to the SUN Movement Lead Group and guided by the Executive Committee.

The Coordinator serves as an ex officio member of the SUN Movement Lead Group – the SUN Movement’s governance body – and as an ex officio member of the SUN Movement Executive Committee.

In accordance with the SUN Movement Ethical Framework, the Coordinator signs the SUN Movement Coordinator Code of Conduct. Also available, are the SUN Movement Coordinator Terms of Reference.

The position works closely with the SUN Executive Committee to:

  • Ensure execution of the SUN Strategy at the global level.
  • Contribute to setting the strategic direction as an ex officio member of the SUN Movement Lead Group and Executive Committee.
  • Leveraging SUN Movement Lead Group assets.
  • Leading and supporting fundraising for the SUN Movement Secretariat and SUN Networks, with Executive Committee support.


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