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Joined Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement: 2022

February 2011

National multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition: 2022

Technical Committee for the National Nutritional Security Policy (ref: Decree No 0002/HC3N/SG/DAFC of 23 January 2023) it includes: - The Government part: Ministries and public Institutions - The various SUN networks: Donors, Agen

Sun Government Focal Point/Country Coordinator

Dr Nassirou Ousmane, Director of Nutrition, The SUN focal point or national coordinator reports to the Minister of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs.

Country nutrition status 2022

  • Yes
  • In process
  • No
  • Costed
  • M&E framework

National multi-stakeholder platform (MSP)

Date established
no information
MSP annual action plan exists

Advocacy and communications framework/plan

Advocacy and communications framework/plan

Subnational nutrition coordination mechanism

Subnational MSPs exist
Subnational MSPs have annual action plans

SUN networks in-country presence

SUN Civil Society Network
SUN Business Network
SUN Academy Network
SUN Donor Network
Others: e.g. youth, parliamentarian, media

Finance for nutrition

Resource mobilization strategy exists
Budget tracking exercise done this year
Funding gaps identified this year
Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked

Country priorities 2022

Development of the action plan for the implementation of the Abidjan declaration on nutrition.

2022 Shared country good practice

3N Initiative 'Nigeriens Nourishing Nigeriens'

Reaching marginalised or especially disadvantaged groups

Initiative of the President of the Republic to deal with the chronic deficit of food products, particularly cereals. This advocates increased mobilisation of internal and external resources for sustainable agricultural development.

Progress towards SUN 3.0 Strategic Objectives (SO)


The country has developed policy and strategy documents at the global level, and at the level of the sectors contributing to nutrition. The adoption of a new decree which reorganises the National Technical Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the National Nutritional Security Policy offers more openness to other actors. The country also has a parliamentary network for nutrition for better advocacy. An advocacy strategy is in place, facilitating the acceleration of progress on nutrition. The process of developing this strategy is underway under the guidance of the Advocacy Technical Working Group (Advocacy GTT).


The SMART survey organised each year helps monitor progress and align specific nutrition interventions. There are other information systems managed by the contributing sectors, and other surveys that provide information on progress in sensitive nutrition: the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Sector Programme (PROSEHA) indicators survey, conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and the Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation, or the National Survey on Vulnerability to Household Food Insecurity (EVIAM), carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, etc. These actions help to raise the positioning of nutrition and strengthen the multisectoral governance and coordination framework.


The second multisectoral action plan 2021-2025 of the National Nutrition Security Policy has been prepared, and the country has been able to develop a nutrition toolkit, train nutrition actors on the basis of the toolkit, and establish a diploma training course for the attention of the executives of the Ministries implementing the National Nutrition Security Policy. However, efforts are still needed to mobilise resources for the training of actors, and to establish a lasting partnership with academic institutions.


The National System for the Prevention and Management of Food Crises (DNPGCA) attached to the Prime Minister's office provides the response to food and nutritional emergencies. The Ministry of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Management coordinates the nutritional response in camps and sites for displaced people. The SUN focal point still remains at the Ministry of Public Health, Population and Social Actions. At the level of the High Commission for the 3N Initiative, we note the institutional reorganisation of the High Commission for the 3N Initiative 'Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens', which is a creed and a strong political commitment of the President of the Republic for the revival of Niger.