Malawi - Mr. Felix Pensulo Phiri

Mr. Felix Pensulo Phiri

Director of Nutrition
Ministry of Health, Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS, Malawi


Mr. Phiri is the Director for Nutrition, at the Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS, at the Malawian Ministry of Health. He is responsible for policy and technical guidance, leadership, oversight and high-level advocacy for nutrition programs. This included developing a Nutrition Strategic Document and legal frameworks like the Nutrition Bill for Malawi.

He brings over 16 years of experience in technical, programmatic and policy development from the public sector at different technical, senior and policy levels. He has a wealth of experience in working on projects and programs supported by international partners such as World Bank, USAID, EU, Global Fund, Irish AID and UN agencies. He had been instrumental in ensuring that Nutrition is highlighted as a priority in the National Development Agenda for Malawi and he’s been influential in bringing different stakeholders in one platform. Mr. Phiri has championed the development of the web based multi-sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation and resource tracking system. He is currently studying towards a PhD at University of Nottingham United Kingdom.