SUN Movement Regional Gathering

SUN Movement Regional Gathering 2022 - Latin America and the Caribbean

October 4, 2022 - Last update: December 2, 2022

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is happy to announce its upcoming Regional Gathering for Latin America and the Caribbean!

The SUN Regional Gathering in Latin America and the Caribbean aims to bring together SUN Government Focal Points and representatives of all stakeholders from civil society, donors, United Nations agencies, private sector partners, academia, parliamentarians, youth and others. This represents a moment for sharing and learning, taking stock of progress and it's a key opportunity where the regional nutrition community can reflect on joint efforts to accelerate implementation and scale up results in countries under SUN 3.0.  

The SUN Movement Strategy 3.0 (2021–2025) puts a greater emphasis on a county-led, county-driven SUN Movement and on sustainable impact at country level, namely reached through strengthened capacities of the SUN Focal Point’s Team to lead and steer country priorities. In line with the 4 Strategic Objectives, the Latin American SUN Regional Gathering provides an opportunity for countries to set up the priorities of the SUN Regional Hub and consolidate the regional dynamic. 

From 13 to 15 December, Panama will welcome members of the SUN Movement and host proceedings to share their inspirational progress and encourage regional collaboration in the fight against malnutrition.

In the framework of SUN 3.0 and the regionalization phase, the Latin American SUN Regional Gathering will focus on the following main objectives: 

  • Create a space where SUN countries can agree on priority actions, opportunities, set ambitions and endorse the LAC Regional Roadmap and Action Plan for 2023 and beyond;
  • Showcase the wealth of experiences, knowledge and resources that each SUN country in the region has to offer, to share experiences, prioritizing country leadership and focusing on supporting systemic change at country level;
  • Recognize regional progress in advancing nutrition goals, identifying regional opportunities and demonstrating the value of being a SUN Movement country.

Logistical information will be made available shortly. - for any questions, please email us at 

Regional Gallery

¿Qué es la Galería Regional del Movimiento SUN?

Es un espacio físico en el que los delegados de los países SUN podrán exponer sus buenas prácticas. 

¿Cómo puedo hacer para exponer en la Galería?

  • Solicitando un espacio de 5 minutos para presentar en la Galería Regional (abriremos los espacios durante las tardes, finalizadas las sesiones)
  • Completando la siguiente plantilla que va a estar en exposición en pantallas en la Galería Regional

¿Puedo traer documentos, flyers para distribuir?

  • Sí, también pueden traer material físico para compartir

¡Los animamos a que presenten y compartan con otros países sus buenas prácticas!


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