First Lady of the Central African Republic (CAR) assumes role as National Nutrition Ambassador

February 6, 2024 - Last update: February 6, 2024


In January 2024, Her Excellency Tina Marguerite Touadéra, the First Lady of the Central African Republic (CAR), officially assumed the role of National Nutrition Ambassador. This historical moment took place during the Constituent General Assembly of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Civil Society Alliance in CAR, where over 100 network members convened to shape the formation of the alliance.

The SUN Movement has been working with countries to advocate for the appointment of national nutrition ambassadors who can act as nutrition advocates. 

High-level champions play a crucial role as influential national advocates for nutrition, strategically using their authority to drive impactful changes and gain support, especially at policy and decision-making levels. Additionally, First Ladies have the power to shape attitudes and behaviors, particularly inspiring women and girls, at the grassroots level. Their role as nutrition ambassadors is pivotal in driving awareness and fostering positive change.

As the CAR First Lady assumed this key role, she opened the Assembly and pledged to leverage her role to prioritize nutrition issues at the national level. Serving as the Founding President of a non-governmental organization, Her Excellency firmly believes in the transformative power of Central African women. She is convinced that “through effective organization and collective action, women can significantly strengthen the fabric of our nation”. 

In her address before the Assembly, SUN Focal Point Ms. Brigitte Izamo highlighted the crucial role civil society plays in implementing nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive initiatives to end malnutrition and work toward improved nutrition outcomes in CAR.

"It’s an ambitious goal, but one within our reach" she asserted, calling for bolstered efforts to strengthen a multisectoral approach in line with the SUN 3.0 strategy. The SUN Focal Point stressed the importance of engaging the Civil Society Alliance, academia, youth, and the private sector in this collective endeavor.

 "We are committed to finalizing the establishment of the various networks to have a complete national platform," she affirmed, echoing the First Lady’s commitment to ensuring a well-nourished and prosperous nation.




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