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Independent Comprehensive Evaluation

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The Lead Group has requested an independent comprehensive evaluation of the SUN Movement. The evaluation will seek to assess the Movement’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability in delivering results. It will inform a subsequent visioning exercise to ensure that the Movement – or its successor – is able to sustain political attention, encourage effective policies, stimulate the mobilisation of extra resources and catalyse the achievement of significant improvements in people’s nutrition.

The evaluation’s Terms of Reference were endorsed by the Lead Group at their meeting of 15 April 2014. The Terms of Reference were developed by independent consultants within parameters determined by the Lead Group. The timeframe for the evaluation is expected to be from mid-June 2014 until the end of December 2014. The Terms of Reference can be found here. Independent quality assurance advisors will advise the Lead Group on the quality and independence of the process.

The Lead Group is seeking companies with extensive experience in (and the depth of resources for) designing and conducting large scale, complex evaluations, including one or more comprehensive evaluations (see Annex B of the Terms of Reference for full requirements). Interested and qualified companies should contact the SUN Secretariat by completing the form below.

The deadline for submissions of proposals has expired.

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