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Liberia launches first national nutrition plan to fight malnutrition

January 22, 2024 - Last update: January 22, 2024

Liberia has unveiled its inaugural Liberia Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Costed Strategic Plan (LMNCSP), a crucial initiative to address malnutrition in the country. Introduced on 7 December 2023, the plan spans from 2024-2028 and is the result of collaborative efforts among government bodies, international organizations, and stakeholders.

Initiated in October 2019, the LMNCSP underwent validation in February 2023, culminating in an official launch presided over by Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewell Howard-Taylor, Vice President of Liberia and SUN National Convener. The Vice President emphasized the plan's multi-sectoral approach and underscored the need for a dedicated budget for its implementation.

The LMNCSP signifies a strategic shift in Liberia's approach to malnutrition, aiming to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition-related challenges such as stunting, low birth weight, and nutrition awareness among women. By prioritizing nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions, the plan aligns with global health and agriculture objectives, emphasizing local food production, policy dialogue, and social protection.

LiberiaAs Liberia approaches its 10th anniversary as a SUN Movement member country, Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah highlighted the plan's potential to address serious challenges posed by malnutrition.

This launch represents a significant step forward for Liberia in its commitment to combating malnutrition, focusing on collaborative efforts and sustainable funding for the LMNCSP's success. The plan positions Liberia to proactively improve the well-being of its citizens by addressing the root causes of malnutrition through targeted and comprehensive interventions. 

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