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New experiences, better results

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Nadine Heredia, Primera Dama del Perú (der.), con Karin Tuquer

Nadine Heredia, Primera Dama del Perú (der.), con Karin Tuquer

With children, we have the most valuable opportunity to study their development of logical thinking, mathematics, physics and other areas. This is the reason that I feel it has been so necessary and timely to create a Learning Route, focusing on exchanging knowledge and experiences, which become very creative tools enabling the different SUN countries to expand their capacities, with innovative methods that each region has to overcome chronic child malnutrition.

In this stage, we have learned about interesting strategies (such as Growing to Include), which have enabled proportional development in Lima. We have discussed projects with very good practices that have been successful experiences (in Peru). I have really witnessed here their commitment, their great unity, both among sectors, inter-governmentally and with civil society. This alliance has contributed to overcoming chronic child malnutrition with major benefits for communities, because the public is actively involved.

There is a Consensus-Building Group to fight against poverty. They are currently working on a project called “A proposal for consensus-based monitoring”, which brings people together to build consensus and coordinate policies, programs and interventions (between civil society and the Government).

This learning has been very timely, and I think it is very important not only to work toward a goal – because the main point is to work together to achieve it – but to also do advocacy with the Government and civil society and implement financial mechanisms to allocate public resources, so projects will demonstrate positive results by themselves, making them evident through Budgeting by Results.

Chronic child malnutrition is a problem affecting many children and now we can improve their future in our countries, by gaining access to new tools, which we can implement thanks to the knowledge and experience that Peruvian society has shown us.

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Karin Yesennia Tuquer Tuquer
Youth leader of the Youth Network of San Juan Sacatepéquez and representative of the National Youth Network of Guatemala for this Learning Route.

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