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Rich experience sharing between Tajikistan and Nepal strengthens ties and knowledge

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Study TourOn 9 May 2016, a delegation from Tajikistan were welcomed by colleagues in Nepal to embark on a six day “Tajikistan Study Tour”. The tour allowed the Tajik delegation to receive practical knowledge about the activities underway in Nepal that are helping to direct the country’s efforts to fight malnutrition.

Nepal became a member of the SUN Movement in 2011 with a letter of commitment from the Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Population. Nepal is making considerable progess towards a multi-sector approach to nutrition, including the launch of a Multi-Sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) in 2012 for the period 2013-2017. The MSNP is complemented by plans such as the health sector’s National Nutrition Policy and Strategy (2004/8) and the agriculture sector’s upcoming Food and Nutrition Security Plan.

Tajikistan joined the Movement in 2013 and participated in the Study Tour to learn from Nepal’s scaling up nutrition efforts including their MSNP and in addition, their budget flow mechanism. It is understood across the Movement that sharing experiences of progress in coordination, effectiveness and alignment, helps to strengthen country partnerships, particularly between countries at different stages of progress.

The study tour was planned in two phases – a central level interactive session followed by field visits to understand the practical application of the multi-sector efforts at the community level.

The visiting delegation included members from the Ministry of Health, Economic Development and Trade, Agriculture, Finance, Education and Science and United Nations agencies.

A report about the Tour will be made available shortly.

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