SUN Movement peer to peer exchanges: Burundi and Côte d’Ivoire learning through international experience sharing

September 16, 2022 - Last update: September 27, 2022

The SUN Movement Burundi delegation traveled to Côte d’Ivoire this month for experience sharing on coordination, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of nutrition related policies and programmes through south to south dynamics.

The Burundi delegation, led by Dr Célestin Sibomana, the Executive Permanent Secretary of the Multisectorial Platform for Food Security and Nutrition and SUN Focal Point for Burundi, was welcomed by Dr Patricia N’goran, SUN Focal Point for Côte d’Ivoire and Head of the National Council for Nutrition, Food and Early Childhood (CONNAPE).

SUN Focal PointsThe discussion focused on collaboration and exchange of knowledge in food security and nutrition advancement at the country level. It was an opportunity for the two countries to share national best practices, discuss challenges and reflect together on possible solutions to overcome them. 

One of the highlights of this peer-to-peer exchange was the meeting of the Burundian team with the nutrition champions of the Côte d’Ivoire SUN Youth Network. This meeting came at the right time: Burundi is currently seeking to establish its own youth network for food security and nutrition and Cote d’Ivoire was a pioneer in the launch of SUN networks of this kind.

On the heels of the exchange between SUN Focal Points, the Burundian delegation met with the team of the Centre d’Excellence Regionale contre la Faim et la Malnutrition (CERFAM), an excellence hub whose mission is to collect and disseminate good nutrition practices across the African continent.


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