In Yemen, a collective drive against malnutrition

March 19, 2024 - Last update: March 20, 2024

Amid ongoing conflict, representatives from Yemen's government, together with a host of international partners and local stakeholders, gathered in Amman, Jordan, from June 4th to 6th for the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Yemen National Gathering. In light of the European Humanitarian Forum 2024, let's reflect on this collaborative effort to forge a unified path toward sustainable health and nutritional solutions in one of the world's most crisis-stricken regions.

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The Yemen National Gathering, spearheaded by the SUN Yemen Secretariat, symbolized a rare moment of unity with a focused agenda: combating the country’s severe malnutrition crisis. 

In Yemen, where the combined effect of droughts and conflict war has rendered more than half the population food insecure, the gathering aimed to bridge political divides and lay down actionable plans for nutrition interventions. The event participants from both factions of Yemen’s government, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, and donor communities.

The gathering was a crucial forum for building collective momentum against one of the world’s most severe humanitarian challenges. The discussions focused on multi-sectoral solutions, emphasizing the importance of cohesive strategies that span health, agriculture, education, and beyond. The event underscored the complexity of Yemen’s malnutrition crisis, which is exacerbated by economic collapse and infrastructural damage. 

Participants, therefore, pushed for a roadmap that integrates immediate nutritional needs with long-term developmental goals. The conference resulted in a comprehensive action plan underpinned by principles such as national leadership, multi-year investments, and needs-based interventions. These guidelines serve as a blueprint for aligning disparate efforts into a coherent strategy against malnutrition.

This collaboration across sectors and political parties underscores a powerful message: our united front against malnutrition transcends all divisions," said Dr. Nazar Basuhaub, Vice Minister of International Planning and Cooperation, Yemen SUN Focal Point. "It is not just about policies and programmes; it is about saving lives and rebuilding futures. We are here to affirm that the health and nutrition of our children and mothers are paramount, and they cannot wait for conflict resolution.

The SUN Yemen National Gathering reflects a real potential for unity in the face of adversity. Yet, as stakeholders return to their respective spheres, the real work begins. Implementing the agreed-upon strategies amidst ongoing conflict and political strife will require sustained international support, local leadership, and an unwavering focus on the Yemeni people’s needs. 



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