Coordination at the heart of the SUN Movement in Mali: The role of multi-stakeholder and multisectoral platforms

Mon, 27 Mar, 2023

Nutrition work spans multiple sectors, including agriculture and health, and involves multiple roles within each. Nutrition also involves multiple types of stakeholders, including the Government, civil society, the United Nations agencies, academia and the private sector. All of these sectors and stakeholders are involved in different ways in influencing nutrition outcomes within a country. Recognizing this, the SUN Movement Secretariat (SMS) has embarked on a journey to document good practices on well-functioning multi-stakeholder and multisectoral platforms.

The case study documentation addresses five key questions:

  • What is the local definition of a multi-stakeholder/ multisectoral platform?
  • What are the governance arrangements for multi-stakeholder/multisectoral platforms across varied settings?
  • How are the multi-stakeholder/multisectoral platforms structured at the country level?
  • What are the key achievements and emerging challenges faced by multi-stakeholder/multisectoral platforms?
  • How do we ensure that gains made by well-functioning multi-stakeholder/multisectoral platforms are sustained?

This case study places a spotlight on the Multi-stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) in Mali.


West and Central Africa
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Case studies
Multistakeholder/Multisectoral approach