Designing multi-stakeholder platforms for nutrition

Wed, 01 Jan, 2020

This toolkit was created in response to requests from SUN Countries for technical assistance on how to manage intersectoral coordination for nutrition through multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) for nutrition and focuses on the design of successful MSPs, with support from Nutrition International under the Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) project, funded with UK aid from the UK government. It offers definitions, explanations, practical tools and guides, and examples from countries which have already undertaken aspects of MSP design. It does not provide information on multi-sectoral implementation, which is one of the main aims of many MSPs, but rather how to design an MSP to coordinate and oversee this implementation.

How it works: You can use this toolkit in two ways: follow the set of pathways aiming to guide users or browse to find the topics you are looking for in a particular area.

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