Gender and Nutrition

Thu, 30 Mar, 2023

Women and nutrition are connected in many ways. Gender inequality is both a cause and effect of malnutrition, hunger and poverty. We will not succeed in scaling up nutrition if we do not address the drivers and impacts of gender-based discrimination.

The SUN Movement has developed a digital communications toolkit on gender and nutrition, which seeks to: 

  • Clarify the interlinkages and interdependence between gender and nutrition.
  • Amplify the initiatives that countries are carrying out to scale up gender-transformative nutrition actions
  • Support countries in raising awareness on the essential links that connect nutrition, empowerment and the benefits of gender equality for all individuals, families, societies and nations
  • Call on all stakeholders to integrate a gender lens as part of good nutrition, food security and the reduction of inequalities
Access the gender and nutrition toolkit here


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