Multi-sectoral planning for nutrition

Tue, 25 Jan, 2022

This toolkit was created to leverage MQSUN (+)’s experience supporting SUN countries to document and share approaches, key learnings and positive practices in multi-sectoral nutrition planning. It aims to provide guidance and associated resources for countries to carry out this process. Although this toolkit primarily draws from MQSUN+ experience in supporting multi-sectoral nutrition planning at the national level, many of these steps can be adapted to the sub-national level based on the country context. The tools and resources stem from established literature, as well as ones developed or adapted by MQSUN(+) over the course of its TA provision.

How it works: You can use this toolkit to get an overview of relevant steps within the country-led process, to find guidance on approaches and/or to identify appropriate and useful resources to support this process. The toolkit aims to guide users through each step and highlight reference documents, country examples and resource packages.


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