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On 3 December 2013, the Union of the Comoros joined the SUN Movement with a letter of commitment from HE Ikililou Dhoinine, the President of Comoros. At the time, the Government of Comoros had developed a national policy on food and nutrition that was awaiting adoption by the National Assembly.


Bringing people together
18% 2019

Bringing people together

Coherent policy and legal framework
50% 2019

Coherent policy and legal framework

Aligning programs around a Common Results Framework
57% 2019

Aligning programs around a Common Results Framework

Financial tracking and resource mobilization
58% 2019

Financial tracking and resource mobilization

46% 2019


Nutrition situation


Under Five Stunting


Under Five Wasting


Under Five Overweight


0-5 Months Exclusive Breastfeeding


Woman Anaemia 15-49 years


Adolescent Overweight Male


Adolescent Overweight Female


Adult Overweight Male


Adult Overweight Female


Adult Obesity Male


Adult Obesity Female


Adult Diabetes Male


Adult Diabetes Female

Strategic objectives

A temporary multi-sectoral committee has been established, pending creation of the formal structure provided for in the draft decree submitted to the Government in 2014 (which is currently being revised for re-submission). The temporary committee is chaired by the Ministry of Health Family Health Department (DSF) and its membership includes representatives of the Ministry of Production, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of the Economy and Trade. In line with the DSF’s workplan, the committee holds meetings to draft documents and advocate with the authorities. Each island has a nutrition focal point, who coordinates local health department activities. Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other organisations attend nutrition-related meetings. In February 2017, a meeting was held to discuss the creation of a multi-sectoral platform involving civil society and coordinated by the Comoros Consumers’ Federation (FCC). A Parliament focal point has been appointed.

Last updated: November 2017

A multi-sectoral interim committee on good nutrition governance has been established, with the establishment of a multi-sectoral platform and the launching of the SUN Movement within its terms of reference. This interim committee is chaired by the civil society representative, the President of a Comorian Consumer Federation (CCF), and co-chaired by the interim SUN focal point. The committee is made up of representatives from several ministries (health, solidarity, social cohesion and gender promotion; agriculture and production; education; commerce; and jobs, work, professional training and female entrepreneurship), from the plan’s general commission, the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Fishing and the Environment (INRAPE) and various partners (UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA).
The interim committee prepared the draft decree for the formal application of the multi-sectoral platform on good governance of nutrition, which is to be signed by the national authorities. The First Lady, who is the ambassador of the SUN Movement in the Comoros, heads up the multisectoral aspect of nutrition.

Last updated: October 2015

The national multi-sectoral food and nutrition policy is currently being revised, in conjunction with other sectors (gender equality, social welfare, agriculture, water and sanitation). There is already a community nutrition commu-nication strategy, and work on an infant and young child feeding strategy is currently ongoing. The amended food bill has been submitted to Parliament. Advocacy ongoing to revise the draft decree on creation of the platform, and to ensure that nutrition is included in key policies (such as the national health policy, Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development, Five-year Investment Plan). On the legislative front, the country has yet to operation-alise the Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

Last updated: November 2017

The National Policy on Nutrition and Food, developed in 2012, needs to be revised in order to adopt a multisectoral approach. The support of WHO shall be requested to update it.
In terms of legislation, the Comoros adopted: a law on the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes in 2014 and a law on maternity leave in 2012. An enacting decree is being drawn up. The decree implementing the food law, passed in 2013, is currently being drafted. Countering malnutrition is a priority of the Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (SCADD) and of the current United Nations Development Assistance Framework, which takes into account aspects of the governance of nutrition in its action plan.

Policies in the agriculture, education and health sectors and the policy on poverty reduction all include nutrition. An analysis of the most vulnerable sectors of the population has been conducted with consultants and this could help for the drafting of a social protection policy.

Last updated: October 2015

Most of the activities relating to a common results framework are yet to be implemented as the platform is yet to beestablished.

Last updated: November 2017

The Union of Comoros has high hopes for its ability to improve nutrition data collection and is looking to strengthen in-country dialogue on multi-sectoral indicators as part of its involvement in the SUN Movement. As regards the process for data on budget allocations, support for the process would be welcome.
A community-based nutrition project under a project entitled: Social Security Nets is financed by the World Bank for a fouryear period (2015-2019) and signed by both the government and the World Bank. The amount allocated to the project is USD one million.

Last updated: October 2015

The DSF has provided estimated costings for activities contained in the annual workplan. Each partner has an overview of its allocated funding. There has been no financial feasibility assessment for national plans to implement nutrition improvement activities.

Last updated: November 2017

Mobilisation of resources for the national nutrition governance plan in the Comoros is a priority for 2015. Consequently, once the multi-sectoral platform is operational, an exceptional budget allocation will be made available in 2015 on the understanding that a budget line will be included from 2016.

Last updated: October 2015

SUN Government Focal Point

Thamra Kamar
Directrice de la santé familiale, ministère de la Santé

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