SUN Doner Network

SUN Donor Network

The SUN Donor Network (SDN) provides a space where donors at global and country levels can work together and in collaboration with other SUN Movement stakeholders, to help improve nutrition for all, by promoting high-level political commitment for nutrition, more and better financing, coordinated implementation, monitoring of progress and impact and the sharing of lessons learnt. For more detailed information, visit the SDN Knowledge Platform: click here

At a glance

At the country level, the SUN Donor Network brings together development partners, including bilateral donors, foundations and development banks, in support of the country, by maintaining high-level political commitment for nutrition as well as to advocate for country access to more and better financing for nutrition at all levels. The country-level SUN Donor Networks ensure coordination and transparency of approaches to nutrition in support of the country and alignment with the national nutrition plans. They seek to increase accountability and measuring progress in mobilizing resources and tracking of donor spending on nutrition.

At the global level, the SUN Donor Network brings together development partners, including bilateral donors, multilateral government donors, foundations and development banks, to coordinate advocacy to keep nutrition high on the political agenda. At the global level the SUN Donor Network convenes monthly and engages in several (times ad hoc) SUN working groups, aiming to support national donor networks in SUN countries, strengthening the functioning and effectiveness of the SUN Movement and supporting that lessons from the SUN Movement inform and strengthen wider global and regional processes for nutrition and sustainable development.

Members of the SDN are encouraged to emulate the hallmarks of effective partnerships as described in the Good Nutrition Donor Partnership Principles agreed by global SDN members in Ottawa in Dec2010 as well as the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement. The SUN Donor Network provides progress reports to the SUN Movement Executive Committee highlighting ways in which donors are contributing to the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap.

Latest progress

During the global SUN Donor Network retreat in London end of March 2023, SUN Donor Network members acknowledged that nutrition keeps being an integral, interdisciplinary part in many development programs. Still, given the evolvement of SUN, competing priorities and increased engagement of other stakeholders in nutrition, the SUN Donor Network needs to evolve. The SUN Donor Network is therefore currently in a process of re-adjusting its Terms of References in line with the need of network members.


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