SUN Doner Network

Our priorities

Thematic priorities


    The flexibility of the SUN Movement enables it to mobilize around key thematic areas based on the needs of SUN Countries. These thematic areas include, among other areas:

    • Gender and nutrition -- designed to bring nutrition to more women, and more women to nutrition action
    • Nutrition in a humanitarian context -- partnering with leading humanitarian actors to ensure the world's most vulnerable people have good nutrition.
    • Global food and nutrition crisis -- supporting SUN Countries to have the knowledge and capacity to respond in a country-driven and country-led manner. 
    • WASH and nutrition -- linking nutrition to the delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene services to increase impact and reach.
    • Sustainable and resilient food systems -- facilitating SUN Countries and other SUN Members to participate fully in the process of advancing food systems that are sustainable, resilient and country-relevant.