Championing change: Chad's youth leading the charge against malnutrition

March 4, 2024 - Last update: March 5, 2024

In Chad, a pivotal step forward in addressing malnutrition has been the recent establishment of the Réseau des Jeunes pour la Nutrition (RéJNuT), or the Youth Network for Nutrition. Led by Mr. Kossi Clément TAMBAYE, the Secretary General, and in collaboration with the national SUN Media Network (RJTN), and SUN Civil society platform,  this initiative underscores the critical role of youth engagement in the fight against malnutrition, supported by the SUN Movement and Action Against Hunger (ACF).

RéJNuT, officially launched to address the pressing nutritional challenges in Chad, responds to alarming statistics: 43% of infant mortality is attributed to undernutrition, and 49% of households lack access to adequate nutrition. 

Youth engagement stands at the forefront of RéJNuT's mission. As the future leaders of Chad, young people possess the passion, energy, and innovative thinking needed for sustainable solutions. The formation of RéJNuT is a crucial milestone, empowering young leaders to advocate for nutrition and engage communities effectively. Through mentorship and support, RéJNuT aims to equip youth advocates with the tools to catalyze positive change and mobilize communities toward nutrition security.



The SUN Movement (Dakar hub), a driving force in addressing malnutrition globally, has played a significant role in Chad. In collaboration with ACF, the SUN focal point in Chad facilitated the creation of RéJNuT. The establishment of this network signifies a collective commitment to combating malnutrition and building a healthier future for Chad's citizens.

Moving forward, RéJNuT and the broader SUN Movement remain dedicated to providing guidance and support to youth advocates, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable change in the fight against malnutrition.



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