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New SUN Movement Executive Committee appointed

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To increase SUN member country representation in its governance, the SUN Movement Lead Group has appointed a new Executive Committee (ExCom) to implement the Strategy for the Movement’s third phase (2021-2025). The ExCom forms part of the Movement’s stewardship arrangements and acts on behalf of the Lead Group. This Committee will be in effect for a two-year period, until October 2023.

The Executive Committee met for the first time – in its new composition – on Monday 18 October 2021 where a vote for its new co-chairs was held. Ms Gladys Mugambi and Mr Connell Foley are the new co-chairs of this distinguished group.

  1. Ms Gladys Mugambi (Kenya), Kenya, Multisectoral Coordinator for Food Security and Nutrition as well as SUN Focal Point/Coordinator at the Health Sector Coordination and Intergovernmental Affairs Unit.
  2. Mr Connell Foley (Ireland), Director of Strategy, Advocacy and Learning at Concern Worldwide.

The selection of a new ExCom follows up on recommendations developed by the SUN Operationalisation (SUN Ops) Group, as adopted by the Lead Group the 24 July 2021. These recommendations included, among others, a change in the composition of the ExCom including a reduction of seats for global network representatives to one per network (SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Business Network, SUN Donor Network and Nutrition), and included two new seats for SUN country representatives, a youth representative, a humanitarian expert, a monitoring accountability and learning/analytics expert and a finance expert.

To support this selection process, the ExCom Transition Committee (ETC) was appointed by the Lead Group, including Ms Cherrie Atilano, Ms Inger Ashing, Mr Martin Chungong and Ms Sophie Healy-Thow. This Committee considered the overall distribution and balance of members including ensuring a gender balance, during this unique one-time renewal of all seats. All candidates were put forward in a public call for nominations, held  during August 2021.

The ExCom will meet at least on a quarterly basis to discuss key matters, as per its terms of reference and rules of procedure, endorsed by the ExCom and Lead Group.

Learn more:

For questions about the SUN Movement Executive Committee, contact Ms Maria Pizzini or Ms Renée de Jong through this form.

More information about the SUN Movement Executive Committee can be found here.





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