SUN Movement launches 2023 Joint Annual Assessment

December 22, 2023 - Last update: December 22, 2023

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is pleased to announce the launch of its 2023 Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) process for SUN Countries.

The JAA is a voluntary and country-led process, providing an opportunity for SUN Countries and country-level stakeholders to reflect on annual progress and ensure that multistakeholder and multisectoral efforts to end all forms of malnutrition are well-aligned and effective.

This voluntary process encourages an open dialogue among SUN countries, fostering a platform to recognize achievements, tackle obstacles, and collectively devise solutions. This participatory approach empowers stakeholders to take ownership of progress monitoring and fosters mutual accountability for their combined actions.

The outcomes of the JAA process are annually published in the SUN Country Profiles. In the previous year, 57 out of 65 SUN Countries completed their assessments and this year, with the inclusion of Panama in 2023, all 66 SUN countries are expected to actively participate.

Dr. Azucena, the SUN Focal Point for the Philippines, highlighted the significance of the Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) in the context of the Philippines' engagement.

The JAA serves as an annual multi-stakeholder consultation, bringing together stakeholders from various sectors to collectively evaluate our progress in scaling up nutrition actions, its purpose is to measure progress, assess challenges and opportunities, and outline the country's priorities for the upcoming year.

The JAA process encompasses country dialogues, also referred to as country consultations, and the preparation of a comprehensive report. As SUN Countries embark on the JAA process, they are encouraged to consult supporting JAA information and technical documents available to them.



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