Assessing progress

Assessing the progress of the SUN Movement towards achievement of nutrition targets is an important process, ensuring the Movement is delivering as efficiently and effectively as possible. The SUN Movement monitors, tracks and reports back on its progress through two key mechanisms. This first is the Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) process, through which SUN Countries discuss their progress and challenges against national nutrition targets and the SUN Movement Strategic Objectives (the results of which are presented annually as Country Profiles). The second is the publication of the SUN Movement Annual Progress Report, which reports against the strategic objectives of the movement. 

Joint Annual Assessment

The SUN Movement Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) is country-led, country-focused and country-driven process. It is a voluntary process, providing an opportunity for SUN Countries and country-level stakeholders to reflect on annual progress and ensure that multistakeholder and multisectoral efforts to end all forms of malnutrition are well-aligned and effective.

It also goes beyond this, enabling stakeholders to work together to set priorities, as well as to identify bottlenecks and agree on how to address these. The JAA process is also an opportunity to advocate for nutrition and place it high on the political agenda.

As such, the JAA creates an enabling supportive multistakeholder and multisectoral space in which country stakeholders can come together to advance progress towards the achievement of a country's nutrition targets.

The assessment consists of country dialogues, also known as country consultations, and the preparation of a report.

To prepare for this year's JAA process, SUN Countries are invited to consult the tools and resources available below.

Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) tools and resources