SUN Countries


Joined Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement:

June 2014

National multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition:

Technical Working Group for Food Security and Nutrition (TWG-FSN)

Country nutrition status

  • Yes
  • In process
  • No
  • Costed
  • M&E framework

National multi-stakeholder platform (MSP)

Date established
MSP annual action plan exists

Advocacy and communications framework/plan

Subnational nutrition coordination mechanism

Subnational MSPs exist
Subnational MSPs have annual action plans

SUN networks in-country presence

SUN Civil Society Network
SUN Business Network
UN Nutrition
SUN Academia Network
SUN Donor Network
Others: e.g. youth, parliamentarian, media

Finance for nutrition

Resource mobilization strategy exists
Budget tracking exercise done this year
Funding gaps identified this year
Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked

Country priorities 2022

  • Conducting a midterm review of the second NSFSN to assess progress, review priorities and strengthen linkages between sectors and preparing the third NSFSN 2024–2028.
  • Strengthening engagement with vulnerable populations, the media, academia, policymakers, youth and the private sector.
  • Strengthening provincial/municipal working groups for food security and nutrition, investment/budget tracking and monitoring and evaluation to accelerate the implementation of the second NSFSN.

Progress towards SUN 3.0 Strategic Objectives (SO)


The Deputy Prime Minister and chair of CARD, Mr. Yim Chhay Ly, chairs the TWG-FSN. Secretaries of State for the Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Health act as vicechairs. TWG-FSN membership includes senior staff from the Cambodian Red Cross, the Cambodian Disaster Management Committee, the General Secretariat of the National Social Protection Council and the Secretary/Undersecretary of State of the Ministries of Social Protection, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Rural Development, Health and Environment. Civil society, the United Nations and donor agencies involved in humanitarian action, resilience-building and disaster risk reduction are also well represented.


As National Convenor, the Secretary-General of CARD and the SUN focal point, His Excellency Mr. Sok Silo brings together various representatives from the Government and other stakeholders, and strives to continually expand the inclusiveness of the network while bringing more focus to the subnational level and implementation issues. Through CARD he has effective political influence, working closely with members of both the TEG-FSN and the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister to increase awareness of the situation of vulnerable populations and to ensure that youth engagement is at the forefront in scaling up nutrition.


During Food Systems Summit dialogues, the TWG-FSN, Provincial Working Groups for Food Security and Nutrition (PWG-FSN) and government staff capacities were strengthened, with opportunities highlighted for inclusive governance at all levels. Relevant ministries are assisting local capacity-building and working with provincial/district governments. The Cambodia Nutrition Project, CARD and ministries are providing resources and expertise for capacity-building. The German Agency for International Cooperation, World Food Programme, United Nations Children’s Fund, Helen Keller International, Save the Children, World Vision International and SUN CSA members are supporting such capacity-building.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambodia set up 12 PWGFSN and a SUN Business Network, grew its youth champions network, held 30 Food Systems Summit dialogues with over 2,000 participants, set Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitments and drafted a costed wasting strategy (Global Action Plan – GAP). The dialogues, N4G and GAP processes led to a stronger systems approach being championed by CARD and relevant ministries. Setting high-level commitments and agreeing on a common approach helped instigate conversations about who should make decisions, how policy dialogues are facilitated given limitations on in-person meetings and the need for governance systems to support coordinated implementation.

2021 shared country good practice

Nutrition events offer opportunities


The Food Systems Summit and dialogues promoted cross-learning, alignment around a shared vision, the adoption of a systems approach to decision-making and planning. Activities of 2021 were included in the Deputy Prime Minister’s National Nutrition Day speech and priorities for 2022 were endorsed.

Open letter to the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Cambodia –