SUN Movement Global Gathering 2014

SUN Movement Global Gathering 2014

January 24, 2022 - Last update: January 24, 2022

The 2014 SUN Movement Global Gathering was held from 16 to 18 November at the World Food Programme offices in Rome, Italy. The purpose of the 2014 Global Gathering was to enhance the Movement’s ability to support the achievement of results by SUN countries.

The 2014 Global Gathering was arranged in advance of the ICN2 to maximize interactions between the two meetings. A SUN Movement Side Event was organized together with the European Union in the margins of the ICN2. The event was on Wednesday 19 November 2014, 13:00 – 14:30 in the Green Room at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Headquarters.

The meeting had three main objectives:

  • To reflect on progress for scaling up nutrition in countries
  • To consider progress and achievements in strengthening country capacity to deliver, and accelerate support in areas of identified need
  • To contribute to the outcomes of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) through shared country experiences and approaches to scaling up nutrition
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2014 SUN Movement Global Gathering