SUN Movement Global Gathering 2015

SUN Movement Global Gathering 2015

SUN Movement Global Gathering 2015

January 24, 2022 - Last update: January 24, 2022

The 2015 SUN Movement Global Gathering (SUNGG15) offered an exciting programme which showcased the efforts of the 55 SUN Countries that have joined the SUN Movement. SUN Countries and Networks contributed to the development of the SUNGG15 agenda which focused on taking stock of the lessons from the past years and charting the direction of the Movement going forward.

SUNGG15 was organised to coincide with EXPO Milano, which aims to increase awareness and participation in the drive for sustainable food production and delivery across the globe under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The objectives of the 2015 SUN Movement Global Gathering were to:

  • Take stock of what have we achieved together
  • Share the wealth of experience, knowledge and resources of each SUN Country and SUN Network
  • Sharpen our shared vision for the future and the steps required to get there
SUN Movement Global Gathering 2015 - Final Report


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Progress and achievements – our vision for the future

More nutrition for money and more money for nutrition

SUN Network Sessions

  • SUN Governments
  • SUN Civil Society Network
  • UN Network for SUN
  • SUN Donor Network
  • SUN Business Network

Empowering women and girls across the SUN Movement

Parallel Workshop Stream 1

  1. Financial tracking on nutrition
  2. Agreeing on a Common Results Framework
  3. Engaging and mobilising the media for nutrition
  4. The development of functional capacities for Scaling Up Nutrition in action: A needs-driven coordinated effort
  5. Catalysing the nutrition data revolution – SUN Country perspectives
  6. Discover the SUN Movement

Round table: Can we tell a better nutrition story?

Parallel Workshop Stream 2

  1. Hard-talk on nutrition-sensitive cost estimates
  2. Budget analysis for nutrition
  3. Leveraging parliament’s role for better nutrition
  4. Tools for preventing, identifying and managing conflicts of interest among nutrition actors in practice
  5. Food fortification: success and cost-effectiveness of different approaches

Workshop reflections

Reception at Palazzo Clerici


Making accountability relevant for peoples nutrition

Parallel Workshop Stream 2

  • Resource mobilization to scale impact on nutrition
  • National information platforms on nutrition
  • Innovations in social and behaviour change communication for nutrition
  • Use of information and evidence in policy-making for nutrition – platforms and processes
  • Nutrition in the sustainable development goals: what does this mean for implementation and impact at country-level?
  • (Special capacity building session) A step by step guide to effective advocacy for nutrition

Workshop reflections

Strategy series – led by the SUN Movement Executive Committee

Looking ahead: ambitions for the future of the SUN Movement


2015 SUN Movement Global Gathering