Regional hub

Latin America and the Caribbean

Based in:
Panama City, Panama
Number of countries:


The Latin America and the Caribbean Hub, based in Panama City, Panama, is currently composed of seven SUN member countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Panama.

Each country in the Latin America and the Caribbean Hub has a SUN Government Focal point, whose role is to unite the nutrition community and elevate nutrition up the national agenda.

At the SUN Movement Secretariat level, the work of the Regional Hub is coordinated by the Regional Representative, Ms. Francisca Gomez Cisterna, who is based in Panama.

Hub priorities

  • Strengthening partnerships with the Latin America and Caribbean regional bodies to better position nutrition,
  • Expansion of the SUN Movement to other countries in the Latin American region,
  • Development of the local SUN Business network for nutrition, as well as Academia network,
  • SUN Regional Gathering in December 2022