Our Approach

Our Approach

In line with the SUN Movement’s strategic objectives, the SUN Movement Pooled Fund serves to accelerate actions that lead to measurable and sustainable change in countries with diverse contexts and needs.

What makes the SUN Movement Pooled Fund successful?

The Pooled Fund’s mandate is unique in that it supports grantees strengthen their role and capacity in developing a common voice on nutrition at the national and subnational levels – a voice that includes unified messaging across a range of stakeholders and sectors, and helps translate commitments into impact.

The Pooled Fund provides support that is designed to consolidate capacities and trigger structural change in order to bring about bigger scale and lasting change. Selected projects support national nutrition networks and actors to deliver jointly, for the results to be more than the sum of their parts.

An important part of projects is to inspire other interested parties to undertake nutrition-related actions, build synergies, consolidate progress and scale up successful activities. The Pooled Fund plays a catalytic role in ensuring that organized cooperation between stakeholders and peer-to-peer learning for enhanced capacities remain a high priority in all the grant cycles.

The Pooled Fund is also an agile funding mechanism. This allows grantees and networks to effectively face, address and mitigate unforeseen disruptions, thanks to tailored M&E support which looks at each specific context.

A recent example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to its agile mechanisms, the Pooled Fund allowed grantees to revise their activities, budgets and project duration, taking into account a rapidly changing context, and addressing, in agreement with SUN networks, new emergencies that affected the most marginalized and vulnerable populations, while continuing to deliver in the face of strict national containment measures.

The Pooled Fund programme also fosters peer-to-peer learning by supporting the sharing of lessons learned, good practice and experiences between stakeholders in different SUN countries, and by enabling access to expertise intended to enhance in-country capacities.

SUN Pooled Fund Evolution & Impact

Take a moment to read the impact statement of the Pooled Fund, a foundational document to the SUN Strategy 3.0.

Achievements to date

Despite the fact that many grantees work in challenging socio-economic and political contexts, they have lobbied to ensure that nutrition becomes or remains a main item on national agendas.

They have also been successful in ensuring that nutrition is properly represented and championed, from the highest levels of central government to local government level, through a variety of activities including high-level awareness-raising events, advocacy and lobbying of governments and parliaments, budget-analysis exercises and behaviour-change campaigns. They have thereby ensured that nutrition is addressed by decision-makers and implementers.

Grantees have also accelerated efforts to mobilize resources for nutrition through innovative practices, consolidating the influence, capacities and community presence of national nutrition organizations, and thereby promoting nationwide accountability.

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund annual progress reports provide an indication of the essential role that the fund plays in supporting countries to implement the SUN Movement’s strategic objectives.