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Who we are

The Scaling Up Nutrition Movement

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is a country-driven initiative led by 66
countries and 4 Indian States – collectively known as the SUN Countries, and includes thousands of stakeholders from across society – all united in their mission to end all forms of malnutrition by 2030.

The SUN Movement was launched in 2010 by the United Nations Secretary-General. Its four SUN Networks – SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Business Network, United Nations Nutrition and SUN Donor Network – are made up of, respectively, more than 4,000 civil society organizations, some 1,400 businesses, 5 UN agencies and a group of international donors and foundations.

The SUN Movement Secretariat facilitates the SUN Movement, which is led by the SUN Coordinator. The country-driven SUN Lead Group and SUN Executive Committee provide governance and stewardship. 

Support to to SUN Countries is provided by the SUN Global Support System – formed of the staff of the four SUN Networks and SUN Secretariat.

Together, the SUN Movement comes together, leveraging the "power of 'we'" to advance national nutrition targets and achievement of SDG2. 


Technical guidance and reports

The SUN Movement Ethical Framework is for individuals in the Movement to use as a guide to ethical behaviour. The Ethical Framework ensures that space is provided for aspects of transparency and accountability of the Movement’s stewardship arrangements and support system, so that they can be easily assessed by those inside and outside of the Movement.

SUN Networks

Each SUN Network is coordinated at the global level by a Network Facilitator and various leadership and coordination arrangements. Their primary objective is to mobilise and align efforts globally and regionally to scale up efforts in country.

Network meeting summaries