Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for grantees

Currently, the SUN Movement Pooled Fund does not have any open grant opportunities. Please stay in touch via our SUN Movement newsletter or the CSN newsletter, which will be used to announce opportunities as they arise. The SUN Movement Pooled Fund is continuously working on making new funding opportunities available.

Grants are posted through the United Nations Global Market Place. When a Call for Proposal is published, it includes all the required information in order to apply for a grant. Interested applicants may apply by identifying the right opportunity in the system and following the instructions given.

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund awards grants to Civil Society Alliances and Organisations, as well as to the SUN Business Network and Multi-Stakeholder Platforms. Eligibility is contingent on the nature of the Call for Proposals and funding priorities, but will always remain catalytic, last-resort and innovative.

As awards are granted through UNOPS, you have to be a legally registered organization in order to apply. All agreements must be with nonprofit non-governmental organisations, governmental organisations or UN Entities.

Yes, as the SUN Movement Pooled Fund operates within the SUN Movement, recipients must come from a SUN Movement member country.

Yes, although contracts can only be made with one organisation as primary recipient. Applicants may apply together as partners in executing and implementing the overall project.

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund accepts applications in the languages of the SUN Movement, which are English, French and Spanish.

Yes, every applicant will be informed about the outcome of their application, regardless if they are successful or not. 

Questions for donors

Our donors form a funding board called the Consultative Group, which is the governing body of the Pooled Fund. The Consultative Group is constantly updated and kept informed of all decisions made by the Pooled Fund via regular meetings. 

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund oversees the programmatic and financial effectiveness of grants. This oversight is provided through interim reporting, financial desk reviews, financial spot checks both remotely and in the field as well as field monitoring visits.