The SUN Movement Pooled Fund is hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) under the same terms and conditions that it hosts the SUN Movement Secretariat.

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund Team

The team that manages and administers the Pooled Fund comprises:

  • a Pooled Fund Coordinator (SUN Movement Secretariat)
  • a Grants Management Officer (UNOPS)
  • a Grants Analyst (UNOPS)
  • a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (UNOPS)
  • three regionally based Monitoring and Quality Assurance Specialists located in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Kigali (Rwanda).

The team reports to both the SUN Movement Secretariat Senior Operations Officer and to the UNOPS Portfolio Manager.

The Executive Committee is a component of the overall SUN Movement stewardship. The Executive Committee provides strategic oversight to the Pooled Fund, ensuring that its management and direction position it as an instrument that directly supports the achievement of the SUN Movement’s vision.

The Executive Committee also endorses the annual workplan and budget of the SUN Movement Secretariat and the annual workplan and budget of the Pooled Fund. Once a year, the SUN Movement Coordinator updates the Executive Committee on the Pooled Fund’s strategy and its implementation, and proposes possible adjustments to the strategy to ensure that it best supports the SUN Movement.

Find out more about the SUN Movement Executive Committee.

Four global networks were established to help SUN countries develop a multi-stakeholder approach to scaling up nutrition: the SUN Civil Society Network, the SUN Business Network, the SUN Donor Network and the UN Network. These global networks and their country networks play an essential role in building enabling environments around government-led nutrition efforts for improved nutrition in SUN countries. Global networks are also a core part of the SUN Movement Global Support System.

The networks provide technical assistance to grantees and support country constituencies to ensure that the grants act as catalysers and enable country networks to conduct their activities with greater autonomy and sustainability in the future, for instance, by developing sustainability and fundraising strategies. The networks also work closely with the SUN Movement Pooled Fund Team and have representatives on the Consultative Group, as well as on the Executive Committee.

The Consultative Group includes all donors to the Pooled Fund, as well as representatives of the SUN Networks who attend as observers. Chaired by the SUN Movement Coordinator, the Consultative Group provides direction on how the Pooled Fund operates, ensuring that any proposals and subsequent projects contribute to the strategic objectives set out in the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap 2016–2020 in terms of their scope, content and parameters.

The Lead Group has overall responsibility for the SUN Movement’s progress in achieving its objectives. It ensures that all parties are aligned with the SUN Movement’s principles of engagement and aims to preserve the SUN Movement’s unique character. Find out more

The SUN Movement Coordinator chairs the Consultative Group and oversees the activities of the SUN Movement Pooled Fund Team. Find out more