The SUN Movement Pooled Fund’s design was informed by the success and lessons learned from its predecessor, the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF).

The SUN Movement MPTF was launched in 2012 to support efforts to scale up nutrition in SUN countries, enabling multiple partners to provide funding to develop and implement actions within the parameters of the SUN Movement’s strategy.

The SUN Movement MPTF was not designed to be a vertical fund for large-scale investments in food and nutrition security, nor was it intended to replace existing funding pathways at country level. It was instead designed to accelerate resource mobilization for nutrition activities at country and regional levels, and to provide global-level support when no other funding was available.

The SUN Movement MPTF’s main objectives

The SUN Movement MPTF evolved around three associated funding windows that aimed to:

  • support SUN actions at country level in order to galvanize commitments to the SUN Movement’s principles
  • help mobilize civil society to contribute to the SUN Movement’s goals
  • support global SUN strategic efforts.

The SUN Movement MPTF governance

The SUN Movement MPTF was managed by the UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office. The SUN Movement MPTF Management Committee comprised all UN entities involved in the SUN Movement MPTF, including WFP, UN-REACH and WHO, as well as UNOPS and other contributors. FAO, UNICEF and Civil Society Network facilitators took part as observers, while other organizations were invited to join the committee on an ad hoc basis.

The SUN Movement Secretariat ensured consistency between the decisions of the SUN Movement Lead Group and the MPTF’s catalytic support function. It also supported the work of the committee by reviewing proposals, assessing lessons learned from supported initiatives, and developing and implementing an effective knowledge management system.

Evaluating the SUN Movement MPTF

An independent evaluation of the SUN Movement MPTF was launched in September 2015. Its aim was to assess the performance of the fund, take stock of successes and challenges and assess the need for a future fund, together with any future proposals. The evaluation concluded in April 2016 with a final report highlighting the added value of such an innovative funding instrument, drawing lessons from its successes and challenges and providing recommendations for the next phase of the SUN Movement.

Core MPTF documents

Access the Multi-Partner Trust Fund meeting summaries, annual progress reports and other core documents.